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Youth and Spiritual Center

tbculture 19 March 2022

Name: Kushal Ghimire (2075 BATCH-III year Student)
Design Studio: V
Studio Tutor: Dr. Shital Babu Acharya, Ar. Apil K.C.
Year: 2078
Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Campus

The site is located in heart of the city with the presence of schools and colleges near around. The flow of youths is very high. In this area having the opportunity to influence the youths, the main essence of this project is to guide them towards the realm of spirituality.


Spirituality has been found to shield adolescents against risky behaviors. Spiritual development can lead to a more socially sound world, resulting in social equality and opportunity for the underprivileged.
DESIGN PROCESS: The site is divided into three major divisions, resembling three elements of spirituality: body, mind, and spirit; which one needs to balance to react to one’s destination.
The center space resembling “The Creative Space” symbolically consists of Administration Space (Governing Body), Library(Source of knowledge), and Program Conducting Spaces (Awareness Spreading Area).

BODY: Body area is mostly used for physical activities and hence is placed toward the comparatively noisy area of the site and is resembled by seven Chakras. They are arranged according to their energy level: high to low.
MIND: The mind area is mostly used for meditation purposes and social space. Hence, it is placed towards the comparatively peaceful area of the site. Mind is represented by four major categories of the human mind according to Yogic Understanding.
SPIRIT: Spirit is considered a free entity, is designed functionally. It consists of parking spaces, social spaces, and water fountains.


Section at X-X
Section at Y-Y

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