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Pavilions Lake View

tbculture 24 March 2022

Project name: Pavilions Lakeview
Location: Pokhara
Gross Built Up area in 910 Sq. M
Completed Year: 2019
Architect: Ar. Alex Shrestha
, Wonaw & Associates

The design is a modern eco-resort in its natural setting featuring luxury tented villas that are supported by buildings and infrastructures. At the resort, the tented villas are dotted around the property, and each one provides a unique experience with spectacular views overlooking the Lake and snow-peaked Himalayan mountains. The tranquility of living in a luxurious tent built around wild nature, yet offering all the comforts and luxuries make it a refreshing and energizing experience.

The Clubhouse also sits on a small plateau with a spectacular panoramic view. The elongated dining hall with large windows ensures that all guests have a front-row seat, and can also enjoy the natural openness in the outdoor seating, decks, and garden.

Natural wood and hand chipped rocks are the primary building materials and their textures and colors in the background of lush green forest and fields dominate the resort. The clubhouse and villas have been strategically placed to provide the best views and privacy for the guest. The design showcases a blend of contemporary and local architectural elements.


The primary access to the property is from the lake, this proved to be a logistical challenge since all the building materials, equipment’s and manpower had to be transported by small rowboats to the site.

The existing topographical terrain was left undisturbed as much as possible to retain the natural landscape. Structures were built on ‘stilts’ and kept lightweight to minimize the impact on the land, this also allowed us to build in difficult steep gradients offering a great view and unique environment.

Natural water springs are used for drinking water, and gravity provides the necessary water pressure to supply the resort. Rainwater water and wastewater are also channeled to recharge pits to replenish the groundwater table. Hot water is provided by efficient solar panels and heat pumps which transfer the energy in the air to heat water. Double glazed windows, air cavity in raised floors, and multilayered roofing members in the villas provide excellent insulation and increases the energy efficiency of the rooms.

Fresh vegetables, staple crops, and fruits are grown within the property and neighboring local villagers also provide fresh dairy products for the resort.

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