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Pulchowk Square

tbculture 29 March 2022

Project: Pulchowk Square
Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Built up Area : 610.85 sq.m.

Designed by: Archio Designs

Pulchowk Square Terrace Lounge is an invitation to relax that conjures up the bright playful ambiance, embodying a design culture that embraces trends and maximum practicality. Mediterranean charm is the idea behind this new solution for contemporary outdoor living, in settings that prioritize features of the Newari architecture. The design unfolds two major sections; the terrace swimming pool area and Rooftop Lounge and Bar. The Terrace lounge opted for a look that would rather complement the architecture of the building but in a more discreet way. A huge structure creates a seamless flow between interiors and exteriors and conveys the same sensations of comfort, warmth, and shelter covered by a statement glass pyramid. This addition to the terrace goes beyond its practical purpose as an outdoor canopy, its design and materials turning it into a welcoming ‘place’, a cocoon of wellbeing with great looks that flatters its surroundings. A rhythm of gazebos offers a wider city view with fascinating suspended sofa beds for outdoor settings.

All the floors have been personalized by adding one of the two possible flooring options (Telia tiles or Flag Stone), terrazzo seamless fireplace, Statement perforated brick tile wall or even soft fabric curtains. These variations of accessories in multiple forms highlight the space as a truly unique outdoor project, where every detail makes a difference.

The supporting bar area desires to create something original and surprising on the outdoor canopy scene, something that manages not only to express the importance of this project’s functional and aesthetic aspects but to emphasize the value of mood and setting for a solution that must ‘live’ and fit in with the harmony of spaces.

This semi-open area offers an airy lounge space enclosed by richly carved wooden posts and balconies dramatically wrapped with authentic fabrics on either side. From ceiling baffles to telia tile flooring, golden lampshades to weaved statement furniture, everything holds that Newari essence. The Mediterranean textures on the wall balance out the density of wood and brass. Keeping the furniture comfortable, light, and modular, the structural setup acts as the star of the design.

The complex includes a private swimming area which contributes lounge and bar residing beside. The pool naturally offers softness to this outdoor setup by visually connecting it to the horizon. The flowing mosaic tile pattern and hidden lights running around the pool’s perimeter make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the open air.

The Mediterranean vibe flows from the lounge area to the swimming complex as well through curves and hues.

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